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Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting – Time to Shed Holiday Fat

I confess, We Cheated! 

It was 3 months after we started the ketogenic diet protocol. We had cheat days around holidays and regretted so much for going wild on those days. It was clear that we got thrown out of ketosis. After enjoying pizza, bread, burgers, we were fatigue all day and the numbers on the scale stopped showing what we wanted to see.

Time to Get Serious

To speed up the process of getting back to ketosis state and shed fat accumulated during holidays, we had to get serious about diet. We heard so many people tried Keto and intermittent fasting and lost weight. So we incorporated “intermittent fasting” which helps get you to the fasted stage leading to the fat burning.

We studied two types of intermittent fasting manageable while being on Keto.

Time to get serious on keto

Two Common Intermittent Fasting

1. 16-8 method

It is a famous method where you fast for 16 hours a day and eat meals within the rest of 8 hours.

Skip Breakfast: You can choose your feeding time that fits the best for your schedule but I recommend skipping breakfast and eat your first meal as late as possible. This approach is easier because most of the people eat the smallest meal in the morning. A cup of black coffee or tea is okay in the morning or anytime of the day. Coffee or tea, as long as you don’t put milk or sugar, doesn’t break Keto and fast.

Meals: As long as you eat during the 8-hour window and stick to keto friendly food, you can eat as often as possible. But, consume food only when you are hungry. If you stick to this rule, you won’t be eating more often than 2 to 3 meals. In addition, snacking is not advisable because every time you eat, even if you eat low carb food, you are breaking mini fast.

My Approach: I tried 16-8 method first. This method was super easy, and I got used to not eating breakfast in 3 days and after 3 days, I was no longer hungry until 11:30 to noon-ish. When my stomach growls around noon, I drink a large glass of water so I can disguise hunger for another one hour. I then eat my first meal (lunch), a large salad with beef or Salmon and avocado.

I eat until I felt pain. It might sound crazy but eating until you are full, will help you go another 6 hours without food. I eat my dinner between 7 pm and 8 pm when I get home.

Honest Opinion: 16-8 method became a piece of cake. After trying it for a week, I did not see improvements in my weight while my husband shed 3 pounds.  So I jumped into another intermittent fasting with a longer fasting period, OMAD.


It is a little more extreme version of intermittent fasting in which you only eat once a day (One Meal A Day).

Feeding Window: You only eat for one hour a day and not consume food for the rest of 23 hours. You can pick any time of the day. Picking a late night as your feeding time is permitted. 

My Approach: I had dinner at 7 pm as my one meal for the day. I chose it because I wanted to have something to look forward to during the day and I hate to go to bed hungry. To be honest, I was starving during the day for the first week and even in the early second week. At the of the second week, I got to where I’m not hungry until past 3 pm. Sometimes I even forgot about food until my alarm tells me it’s time to eat at 7 pm.

Honest Opinion: It’s been only my third week, and I’ve lost 4 pounds since I started OMAD which was a big improvement from the 16-8 method. The biggest challenge was trying to get enough nutrition in one meal.

To consume enough nutrients during one hour of feeding time, I had to get rid of any unnecessary food groups. I focused on the leafy green, bell peppers, meat high in fat, eggs, and avocados. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I could eat enough calories in one meal although I ate until I was in pain.

Major Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

Other than burning fat faster and fix slow metabolism, both the 16-8 intermittent fasting and OMAD provide many benefits. Below are major benefits but not limited to:Save money on keto

1. Save $$$ – apparently, if you are eating less often, you will save money.

2. Save Time – Especially if you are on OMAD protocol, you only need to prepare one meal.

3. Improve digestion – your go bladder, a pancreas, a large bowl, will have the chance to heal

4. Improve immune systems – autophagy recycles damaged protein, viruses and fungus, mold and candida into new tissues

6. No more cravings – takes a while but once you are there, you won’t crave anymore

7. Better skin – autophagy anti aging effect will make your skin smoother and younger

8. Increase energy – by eating less often, your body learns to use energy primarily from fat when you are on a Keto-intermittent fasting diet.

9. Improve mood – mood and anxiety problem is coming from blood sugar.

10. Increased cognitive functions – dementia, memory, focus, and concentration

11. Decrease blood pressure – by improving insulin resistance

12. Mental Clarity – you will feel great!

Final Verdict

Keto benefits

After trying one week of 16-8 method and 3 weeks of OMAD, I lost 4 pounds. To clarify, I exercise 3 times a week. So losing 4 pounds was an acceptable result and I enjoyed the benefits. I loved how I saved time, I sensed mental clarity and my brain functioned in the early morning meeting. On my third week, I was pretty much in a good mood often. I couldn’t tell if my skin tone has improved, but I didn’t get new breakouts. 

Overall, I enjoyed OMAD better. Since I read articles talking about how there are no established studies for risks related to a long term OMAD, I stopped at the end of third week. I will resume when I need another breakthrough. Until then, I will stick with healthy Keto meals.

Thank you

Thank you for reading my article on the Keto diet and intermittent fasting. I hope you are now interested in either 16-8 method or OMAD. To learn more details on those protocols, please check out my two other articles.

If you have questions on any of the methods above, or anything relating to what we did, pleases leave comments below. I’d also like to know what health-related topics you are interested in reading in our future articles.

Love,Keto happy

Stephanie Kern


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