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Is Keto diet safe long term?

When you started a keto diet, I’m sure you didn’t consider doing this for a long time because you expected an immediate result. After a few weeks of being in ketosis, you saw a decline in your weight. By the end of the 3rd months on Keto, you dropped a decent number of pounds and eating low carb became not so difficult.

Is Keto diet safe long term? Now you wonder if the keto diet is safe for long-term. You might also wonder if you could never eat carbohydrate-rich food again without gaining the weight back. If you’ve ever encountered those thoughts, please read on to get the answer.

So is Keto diet safe long term?

Those doctors and scientists, who claim a long term Keto diet is safe, say a Keto diet is not a low-calorie diet. Since a Keto diet requires you to consume enough micronutrients from other food groups, continuing it long term does not harm your health.

They also argue carbohydrates are non-essential nutrition. It is because your body can use fat and protein for energy by breaking down stored fat into substances called ketones while you limit carbohydrates consumption.  This is how human beings survived for millions of years before human cultivated grains. So why do we need it now?

Long term keto diet study

A large study performed on 19,000 obese patients between 2006 and 2011 fed patients the nutritionally-balanced solutions with 50-65g of proteins, vitamins, and electrolytes. The study resulted in a rapid 10% weight loss of which 57% was fat loss. During the approx. one year observation, they reported no critical adverse effects except for the controllable side effects such as asthenia and constipation called the “Keto flu” in recent years.

However, there are no longer-term researches performed on the effectiveness and problems resulting from a keto diet. Doctors recommend that it’s the best (at least for now) to incorporate a keto to reach your goal and maintain your weight by eating healthy food and exercise regularly.

Carby donuts

How about carb-backloading?

When I first started the keto diet, I learned a cheat day would throw you out of ketosis and you will need to start it all over again if you want to get back into ketosis.

What gave me hope was the concept “carb-backloading” which quickly became popular in the Keto diet world. In the carb-backloading approach, you load up on carb-rich food – bread, pasta, pizza – after a high intense evening workout 1-2 days a week. They proclaimed it helps to gain lean-muscle and speeding up a fat loss. However, no one has clinically established that this theory works with sufficient evidence.

How can I re-introduce carbs without re-gaining weight?

Yes (and thank god!), you can re-introduce carbohydrates without gaining back the weight you lost. Doctors and dietitians emphasize the following key takeaways:

1. Start slowly: You might not know how your body reacts to reintroduced carbs. For the first week, start with the only 50g of carbs per day and gradually increase carb intake as long as you can maintain your weight. However, keep it under 100g per day as most people rebound when they consume 100g or more carbs on a regular basis. 

2. Eat high-quality carbs: After being on a keto, I know you just want to munch on potato chips, donuts, and cheeseburgers but high-quality carbs primarily from vegetables are the good source of nutrients with lots of fiber. If you eat grains, try choosing organic, non-GMO grains as much as possible.

3. Avoid stress carb eating: We often feel comfort when eating carb-rich food when we are stressed, feeling blue or even when bored. But you know the comfort is only temporary. Most of the times, we regret relying on sugary food and it does not solve problems. Try being active, practicing meditation and yoga, or even writing about what’s in your mind. Getting fresh air outside when working in the office helps turn your carby mind away. You might not know how your body reacts to reintroduced carbs. For the first week, start with the only 50g of carbs per day and gradually increase carb intake as long as you can maintain your weight. However, keep it under 100g per day as most people rebound when they often consume 100g or more carbs.

Is keto diet safe long term? Yoga


It is safe to continue on the keto for a while with nutrient-dense meals but there is no scientific proof it’ll be safe for longer than one year. If you re-introduce carbs, chose high-quality carbs, control the portion size and monitor impacts to your weight, and don’t rely on carbs to release your stress.

Although the ketogenic diet is a conventional diet relatively new, the ultimate message seems to remain the same as what we’ve heard for a long time: Eat healthy food, exercise and be happy! Long term keto - happy



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  • Vapz

    You know, when my friends started on the keto diet 4years ago, I was sceptical about joining them because I was worried about the long term effect and if I would gain all the weight back and even more. I never really tried to do any research on my fears. I like how you have brought people’s mind back to this as I have a friend who has been on it and has decided that she would remain on the keto diet for the rest of her life. I would send a link to her so that she evaluates her decision and be sure she has made the right one. Thanks for this.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Vapz, thank you for your comments on my post. Unfortunately there are no studies done on a VERY long term keto diet but I’ll be on a look out for any new information that come out of professional studies and sharing finding on my website.

  • Hi Tony

    Hi Stephanie!A nice and informative post on keto diet. The keto diet is gaining popularity these days and sometimes I don’t believe it’s a safe way to reduce wait because most of these weight loss diet have their own pros and con’s.My wife is a great addict to keto diet because she’s always on the look out for effective weight loss diet.I always thought keto diet is a short term program to weight loss but from your write up here, I can see that it’s can also serve as an effective and long-term way to weight loss if combined with daily exercise and carbs. Thumbs up for that. Thanks for such an eye opener.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Thank you for your comment! I’ll be researching more about long term effect of the keto diet going forward as more studies are done.

  • Wayne

    Hi, Stephanie and thanks for this post.  

    I have never been on a diet of any kind although, I suppose our eating habits could be a form of a diet, as for a specific “Diet” plan like Keto the answer would be, No.

    My wife and I eat pretty healthily and we get out for a good walk most days, (unless the weather is really bad). 

    Things are about to change for us as retirement is in the near future and we plan to be just as active but will be joining some kind of exercise program, (at home or at a seniors center)

    When it comes to choosing a specific “Diet” like Keto or Mediterranean or some other diet, it really comes down to what is best for the individual as I am sure you would agree.

    Anyway, it’s good to have this information out there so each individual can make up their minds as to what works best for them and the Keto diet sounds like one of the better choices.

    All the best,


    • Stephanie Kern

      Wayne, thank you so much for visiting my website and dropping comments. Thumbs up on your walking routine!

      I completely agree with you that diet should be chosen based on your needs and your conditions. Although one thing I am convinced from my researches is that Keto is suitable for diabetic people. I’ll be digging in more about it and sharing in my website.

      Thanks again!

  • Divine13

    Great article. Much has been written on the pros and cons of being on a long term keto diet. I can personally testify of its benefits to me as it helped me shed a few extra pounds in the past. I think re-introducing carbs is a key process as if done incorrectly it could destroy all the hard work.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Divine13, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you were successful with a keto diet and lost some weight! Yes, you need to be careful when you re-introduce carbs. Keep in mind that moderation is key 🙂

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