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Can I Drink Alcohol on A Keto Diet?

Can I drink alcohol on a keto diet?

It is a serious question. In order to maintain a healthy social life, sometimes saying no to drinking hurts. Also, as much as I want to lose weight, I enjoy drinking. So I did lots of researches to find out if drinking on keto diet is okay or not. In this article, I want to share my interesting findings with you.

How Does Keto Diet Work?

On a keto diet, you limit carbohydrates intake to get into a state called ketosis which uses fat as a source of energy instead of using sugar. This means if you drink an alcoholic beverage containing sugar, getting into ketosis will be more difficult. In addition, alcohol has no micronutrients you need under a keto diet protocol and makes you crave for unhealthy food.

So Can I Drink Alcohol on a Keto Diet?

YES, but it comes with risks. If you are not already in ketosis, it will take longer to get there. As you know, your body processes alcohol before any other food. If you’ve been in ketosis, fat burning will be put on a pose for 24 to 48 hours depending on the volume of alcohol and sugar you enjoyed.

How Much Alcohol is Allowed On a Keto Diet?

You have to do the math carefully not to exceed 20g of carb intake per day including carbs you consume from food.

Avoid sweet cocktails such as rum & coke (22g), cosmopolitan (14g), and Mai Tai (18g). Any of those that taste sweet and yummy should be avoided.

What Can I Drink On Keto?

Keto Friendly Alcohol

Here is a list of fairly low sugar alcohol beverages you can consider:

Sparkling wine or Champagne – choose brut or extra dry as they only contain 2g of net carbs per glass

Dry white or red wine – In dry wine, all sugar from grapes is converted to alcohol in the fermentation process. Each glass has a 2g of net carb. Most of the table wines are considered dry such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Syrah.

Whiskey & Brandy – despite its flavor and sweetness, there is no sugar in whiskey. You are safe not to count carbs from whiskey in total net carbs to consume for the day.

Vodka – with no sweet mix, vodka has no sugar. Enjoy vodka with soda water and squeezed lemon juice.

Gin – gin itself contains no sugar. But it’s hard to drink it without the mix. Use “diet tonic” to soften dryness.

Tequila – safe to drink but drink it plain. Margarita is not keto friendly

If You Must Add a Sweetener

On a special occasion, I understand you want to (or have to) drink but you hate drinking beverages that are not sweet at all. In that case, use these sweeteners containing zero calories and zero GI index:

Stevia (PureVila, Truvia) – extracted from Stevia rebaudiana and has 30 to 150 times sweeter than sugar
Monk fruit (The Raw, Nectresse) – has 150 to 200 times of the sweetness compared to sugar Inulin. Extracted from chicory root and has only 35% of the sweetness of sugar
– sugar alcohol that is 60-70% as sweet as sugar. It has a cold sweet taste.

Keto Mojoto Recipe

I love drinking Keto Mojito on a hot day.


  • 1 fl oz of vodka
  • Appx. 5 pieces of fresh mint leaves
  • Club soda
    1/4 of lime
  • 1 teaspoon of low carb sweetener 

Easy 3 Steps

  1. Using a spoon or a muddler, crush the mint and lime in a glass (or a shaker)
  2. Add vodka and low carb sweetener and shake well in a shaker. If you don’t have a shaker, simple muddle
  3. Pour the mixture into a glass and top it off with club soda.
    Then enjoy!

Keto Mojito Recipe

Moderation is Key

Even if you chose a zero calorie drink, remember it is an empty calorie (no nutrients), and it slows down the fat burning you worked so hard to achieve. So if you drink, drink in moderation. But I strongly believe if you have the discipline to follow the ketogenic diet already, I’m sure you can control the volume of alcohol you consume.


Stephanie Kern

Keto Friendly Wine

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  • Babsie Wagner

    So my son went on a Keto diet, limiting carbs (eating his hamburger without a roll for example), but I had no idea it was only 20g per day?  Wow!  That’s super low.  I can see why drinking alcohol would be hard and put you over.  Now I’m thinking of trying this because I read from Dr. Boz that the Keto diet will also raise your natural HGH levels, and my research is showing that increased HGH is the fountain of youth!  

    It seems from the list that it’s not the alcohol so much as the mixers that have the carbs, right?  I don’t like alcohol without the mixer, so I’d have to find that low carb, low sugar mixer that still made it palatable.   Thanks for sharing this great information.  I’m excited to get started!

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello Basbie! Thank you for vising my website and leaving a comment! Yes, definitely the mixers are the sugar source and need to be avoided as much as possible. If you still like to enjoy sweet drinks, you can always use no carb sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit that I mentioned in the article without feeling guilty. Please let me know your thoughts if you decide to try them!  

  • Amanda

    When I first started Keto this was a huge concern of mine, not that I drink every day or anything but because I like to drink socially.  I really enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day but I realize now that beer isn’t that keto friendly.

    I stick to vodka and a soda water called fruit o2, its very tasty and doesn’t seem to affect my level of ketosis too much.

    You’ve added in some great recipe’s here, which is your favorite?

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, Amanda! Thanks for visiting my website! You are very smart for sticking to Vodka and soda because it’s a keto approved drink. My favorite is Keto Mojito that I mentioned in the post. Because I use a no carb sweetener, it’s still enjoyable and keto-friendly!

  • Stephanie

    Well that’s definitely a question people always want an answer to! How much alcohol can I drink? You have provided a great, easy to remember guide on being able to drink while on this diet, which is a good thing for any diet as well- avoid or at least reduce sugary drinks. The sweeter it is the easier it is to drink too much. 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, Stephanie. Thank you for visiting my post and leaving a comment! Yes, as long as you avoid sugary drinks, you are safe to drink alcohol in moderation and still see some weight losses. Make sure to stick to sweeteners that I listed in the post because other ones like Sweet’n Low and Equal are high in glycemic index which is not keto friendly.  

  • usman gagi

    Hi,Thank you for sharing this great informational article about Keto Diet. It is really a nice post. Here you have a thorough discussion with a variety of Keto Diet. I heard about Keto Diet few months ago, i love your honest review about the Keto Diet. You have written lots of helpful article which encouraged lots of people about Keto Diet. I will definitely be back to your website for some more of your helpful information on a lot of topics.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Usamn Gigi! Thanks for commenting on my post. I’m glad you found my article helpful. Please let me know how you are doing on a keto diet and let me know it there are any other topics that you want me to cover in the future.

  • Cyndy

    Hi there, good article. I’m not on a keto diet but I’ve been reading up about it recently. I generally stay away from alcohol on my diet as I prefer to eat my calories than drink them but I do have alcoholic beverages on special occasions. This is definitely helpful to know though that you can drink in moderation and thanks for the recipe 🙂

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, Cyndy. Thanks for visiting my website and commending on it! I really appreciate it. You are lucky that you enjoy food more than drinking alcohol because alcohol is an empty calories while foods will give you micronutrients necessary. Please let me know if there are any topics you are interested in so that I can write about them in the future.

  • Adamu2

    I have gained Alot of understanding about loosing weight through Keep Kerosene process. Your post gave us the necessary alcohol to be taken when on a diet program. I can advise little of alcohol should be taken in order to allow Keto program to go well .taking him, vodka and red wine must have limit During Keto program. Thanks

    • Stephanie Kern

      Thank you so much for commending on my article. Yes, just like anything else, drinking in moderation is okay in keto as long as you avoid sugary drinks. If you are on a keto diet, let us know how it’s going and share your success stories and tips 🙂

  • Rjpollob

    Hi i read your whole article. There are lots of beverages discussed here. In my opinion, it is better not to drink alcohol in excess quality. I think that fruit juice is the best choice instead of alcohol. To live healthy, in good conditional drinking is essential.

    Thank you so much for share this kind information.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Rjpollob. Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment! I completely agree that drinking in moderation is the key if you must drink. But be careful of fruit juice because more of juices include too much carbohydrates that will throw you out of ketosis.

  • Wayne

    Hi,Stephanie.  Wow, I’m learning something new just about every day it seems.  I’m not an expert on the Keto Diet.  I have heard (and read a little) about the diet but I had no idea that carbohydrates played such a negative role in the way the diet worked.

    There is also some negative info about the Keto Diet out there as well.   

    After doing a little research on my own I can also see that the Keto Diet requires some huge changes in what a person eats.  This could be a huge challenge if one has to cut out half of their normal diet.  That said, we shouldn’t be eating some of the stuff on the carb list anyway… surgery stuff (guilty), chips (guilty), cookies (guilty) and some other things as well.

    But, whole fruit? I’m not sure what that means.  Apples are supposed to be good for you. 

    I do have to agree with you that, If we are going to eat carbs or drink alcoholic beverages,  it should be done in moderation. Therein lies another problem.  News media and some research suggest up to two ounces of alcohol per day are supposed to be of some benefit?  Maybe if it’s not mixed with surgery mixes.

    I ramble on.  I suppose the bottom line would be “moderation” which should be the keyword in everyone’s dieting vocabulary.  If it works for an individual and promotes a healthy life, that’s a good thing. 

    It’s good to have options though because one diet doesn’t work for everyone.

    Thanks for adding your take on this subject. As I said, I learned something valuable today.


    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Wayne. Thank you so much for visiting my website and leaving comments!

      I’m glad you found this article valuable! At first, a keto diet might sound all scary with restriction on what you can eat but once you get used to it, you’ll find yourself not craving for those sugary foods and starchy foods.

      I hope you will try the keto diet one day but even if you don’t, I recommend controlling the volume of carbohydrates and make smart choices each day for some of health benefits.


  • Divine13

    This is an interesting article on the possible  effects of alcohol on a keto diet. I personally prefer vodka as an alternative to regular alcohol which can possibly hamper a keto diet. Great job by the writer and I will like to read more articles. I will personally recommend it to friends.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Divine13! Thanks for leaving a comment and recommending my article to your friends. Although you need to know and measure how many carbs you are consuming from food and drinks in a keto diet, moderation is always the key to sustain the diet for a long time. Thanks again for vising my website.

  • GVporras

    Thank you for sharing this great article about keto diet.

    I have a friend who is in keto diet and been very anxious to drink alcohol and his been for several months not to and we were talking the other day that is about to leave his  keto diet, but after reading your article I can share your recipe and your website it will be  good help for him.

    Thank you

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, GVporras. Thanks for leaving comments. Yes, you can drink alcohol on a keto diet and still lose weight as long as you control the amount of net carbs you consume for the day AND understand that your fat burning is postponed until calories from alcohol is processed by your body. Please do let me know how your friend thinks about the keto mojito!

  • Shubhangi

    Hey Stephanie,

    Does a Keto diet comes with many limitations, I have also heard that you need to take 7 to 8 cups of vegetable also.

    Whiskey, vodka, brandy, gin, tequila, and other pure alcohols have zero carbs and so are fine on a low-carb diet.

     Don’t add juice, soft drinks, or other sweeteners like sweet cream.

     Adding tonic to zero carb gin boosts its carbs to 16 grams per serving! Have vodka, soda water and lime instead for a no-carb summer drink.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with you, follow the instructions if you are on the diet.


    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Shubhagi! Thank you so much for visiting HealthSecretLife.com and leaving comments. You are right. You need to eat 7 to 8 cups of (or more if you can) nutrient dense leafy vegetables for the best result on a keto diet.

      Pleases let me know if you every try the Keto Mojito drink and what you think of it.

      Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

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