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Welcome to “Finding Keto Friendly Food” web page. I am excited you are here with me in a quest to find low carb food easy to prep and tasteful enough to share with the world!!


After two weeks of being on a Keto diet with my husband, we were already sick of low carb food we can prepare on our own. We repeated fixing steak dinner, tossing fresh salad with meat and avocado, eating poke salad from Poke Bar, and making lots of breakfast food with eggs and Bacon until we didn’t want to see them anymore!

We lost a noticeable number of weights during our first two weeks on our Keto journey. The results were amazing! My husband lost 5 lbs, and I lost a little less than 3 lbs and noticed my jeans getting looser (note I’d been on Yo-Yo diet on my entire life and my metabolism had been a mess!).

As many doctors and dieters claim, the results are great but if you don’t enjoy the food, how can you keep up with this diet and make it a new lifestyle? There are tons of videos on how to make Keto friendly meals and sweets. But the process to make them seems to be hustle and ingredients required are not available in my kitchen (or any typical family’s kitchen).

We also considered using a food delivery service that offers low carb options but we figured that the cost would add up and we wouldn’t be able to continue ordering the food.

We then determined to spend our time to look for Keto friendly food (KFF) that we can add to our menu and continue searching for KFFs as a part of our daily tasks so that we would never get bored with food on our dining table and never tempted to grabbing carb-rich food.


We want to share our stories! We encountered food and snacks we couldn’t guess what they were made of and still enjoyable! Of course, we had lots of failures which we will also discuss but we will focus on giving you more options in your diet so you can get out of being sick of low carb food and find Keto diet fun again.


The goal of our site is to help you find more food options on your ketogenic diet. We will introduce what we concluded are good food and snacks that are low carb and also share recipes on those dishes. Ultimately, we want you to stick with Keto diet and get the results you deserve!

If you ever need a hand or have questions, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Stephanie Kerns

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