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15 Amazing Health Benefits of Spirulina – Nature’s Superfood

You’ve heard of quite a few superfoods, like avocado and acai, but there’s a new superfood taking the world by storm. Spirulina is algae that is ground into a powder and placed in foods like smoothies where it can be easily mixed into the food.

Spirulina is qualified as a full-blown superfood because of it’s nutrient powerhouse. Through this article, you’ll learn 15 amazing health benefits of spirulina and how to incorporate it into your regular diet to enjoy those health benefits.

What is spirulina and how is it a superfood?

Spirulina is a blue-green algae found in tropical lakes that is being ground up and put in food to supplement needed nutrients. Despite just recently being popularized for its superfood qualities, spirulina has been around for ages.

According to the FDA “protein makes up about 60 to 70 percent of spirulina’s dry weight,” and is “one of the few plant-based sources of ‘complete protein,’ meaning it has all the amino acids your body needs your body can’t produce on its own.”

This edible plant a superfood because it’s chock full of important minerals. Those who have spirulina as a regular component in their diet can experience a stronger immune system, lower fatigue level, less of a problem with allergies, and a lot more!

Green smoothie with spirulina for ultimate health

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Spirulina

1. Spirulina is the Most Nutritious Food on the Planet

This nature’s superfood contains proteins and vitamins essential to one’s optimal health without causing notable side effects.

Each tablespoon of powdered spirulina (approx.7g) contains:

  • 20 calories
  • 4g of protein
  • 0.5g of fat
  • 1.7g of carbohydrates
  • 0.3g of dietary fiber
  • 0.2g of sugar
  • 8mg of calcium
  • 14mg of iron
  • 14mg of magnesium
  • 95g of potassium
  • 8mg of phosphorous
  • 73g of sodium
  • 0.7g of vitamin C
  • 0.6mg of Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
  • 11.3mg of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  • 0.8g Vitamin B3 (niacin)

In addition, spirulina contains small amounts of all other nutrients necessary for human’s general health. Only 3g per day will be sufficient to benefit from this superfood but you can take up to 10 grams per day.

Because I’m on a keto diet, getting nutrition from

2. Spirulina Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Level

A study performed on type-2 diabetic patients showed that fasting and after meal blood glucose levels declined after taking 2g of spirulina supplements per day for 2 months. The study proved that spirulina can regulate blood sugar levels and controls the HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin).

3. Spirulina Lowers Cholesterol & Triglyceride

Niacin rich spirulina reduces triglyceride levels in your bloodstream and LDL “bad” cholesterol. High triglyceride levels can increase a risk of stroke in adults. Niacin also increase HDL “good” cholesterol. Niacin is most effective when taken with omega-3 fatty acids which is also included in spirulina.

4. Spirulina Prevents from Memory Loss

In addition to Omega-3 fatty acids, spirulina contains omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are crucial nutrients for brain functioning, growth and develop properly.

With spirulina, the study showed an improvement in the older patient’s memory as the brain is getting a direct source of energy.

Spirulina Flights Memory Loss

5. Spirulina Fights Against Anemia

Anemia is caused when your body’s red blood cells decreases and become iron-deficient . Its symptoms are headache, pale skin and fatigue.
Spirulina’s bioavailable iron will supplement iron deficiency and ease symptoms. Taking only a few grams per day will improve iron deficient symptoms.

6. Spirulina Prevents Heard Diseases

Vitamin K found in spirulina benefits heart health by preventing the arteries from hardening. It can also help reverse arterial calcification, a buildup of calcium deposits in the arteries, that cause blood vessels to narrow and develop heart disease.

7. Spirulina Suppresses Appetite

Spirulina can naturally help suppress your appetite, making it instrumental in your weight loss and effectively adjusting to controlled portions. Is it the healthiest alternative to anti-appetite suppressant.

Spirulina helps suppressing appetite

8. Spirulina Assists Weight Loss

Spirulina also boosts your metabolism making you feel more energetic. As a result, you will use more calories in a day which assists a weight loss.

9. Spirulina Alleviates Allergy Symptoms

In a placebo-controlled study, researchers discovered spirulina has protective effects against allergic rhinitis in humans. Its effect includes easing allergic symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, nasal discharge, and itching. They also noted spirulina reduces levels of histamines and cytokines, proteins involved in the immune response.

10. Spirulina Improves Mental Health

Spirulina’s magic doesn’t stop only with physical health. It’s also known to aid various mental and emotional disorders. Spirulina’s high-quality protein supports serotonin synthesis in the brain which helps control and prevents mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, anxiety disorders as well as ADHD, autism and substance use disorder.

Spirulina Improves Mental Health

11. Spirulina May Protects Against Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is treated by surgery with chemotherapy or radiotherap, and its survival rate is as low as 50%.

In a small study, participants who consumed a daily dosage of spirulina cleared up precancerous oral lesions caused from tobacco uses. This is because spirulina has antioxidant agents that neutralize free radicals.

12. Spirulina Detoxes Your Body

Arsenic poisoning is a medical condition caused by elevated levels of arsenic your body. The most common reason is a long-term exposure from drinking contaminated water. Its symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, skin irritation, and the list goes on.

In a study performed on patients affected by chronic arsenic poisoning, their arsenic levels decreased by 47% after taking spirulina extract and zinc twice a day. Make spirulina a part of your detoxing tool to flush out harmful metals from your body.

13. Spirulina Improves Endurance and Muscle Strength

Your muscle fatigue is caused by oxidative damage from exercising and lifting heavy objects. This superfood, spirulina is helpful in this area, improving both endurance levels and muscle strength. Bodybuilders who take spirulina believe it enhances athletic performance and promote recovery from intense workout.

14. Spirulina Supports Digestion

Nutrition rich spirulina helps digest with its nutrients:


Your body reassembles spirulina’s plant based amino acids into digestive enzymes that breaks down the food. According to the “report of the DGAC on the Dietary Guidelines for Americas, 2010”, one serving of spirulina provides a significant amount of daily protein intake.

B Vitamins

Spirulina is loaded with thiamin (vitamin B1) and riboflavin (vitamin B2) which assist your body to generate energy from the food you consume. Niacin (vitamin B3) in spirulina then supports enzyme function that regulates appetite and supporting healthy digestion.


In two animal studies, spirulina showed other beneficial effects on digestive tracts. One animal study showed that spirulina reduced inflammation, bleeding and cell death caused by colitis. Another study found that spirulina helps intestinal immune cells fight off infectious agents in the digestive tract and prevent disease. More research is necessary to learn whether spirulina has a similar effect in humans.

15. Spirulina Prevents Recurring Yeast Infections

Candida yeast infection is not fun at all but spirulina can be used as a home remedy for the infection. Just like how spirulina detoxes heavy metals, it also act as a magnet for candida cells and flush them out from your body.

How Can You Integrate Spirulina Into Your Regular Diet?

Spirulina is available for purchase in a powder form and a pill form. The pill forms are taken just like a daily vitamin.

The powder form, however, can be added into several recipes, making it a little more versatile and a viable option for those that struggle with taking pills.

It’s important to note that there’s a certain “lack of quality control” with supplements like this, so it’s crucial that you take the time to investigate the product and company before you buy it.

You want to ensure that the product was tested by a third-party. This will ensure that the product is what it’s supposed to be and is free of any potential contaminants. If you go the powder route over the pill, you’ll have a little more flexibility in how you get your spirulina in daily.

My recommendation is USDA Organic Spirulina Powder from Zazzee. I put one tablespoon it in my morning smoothie. It is an economical size and lasts for about 10 months.

Superfood Spirulina

When I’m too busy to make a smoothie in the morning, I make sure to take pills form after lunch.

Superfood Spirulina Tablets

For an energy boosting, you could add it to morning smoothies that could help eliminate your coffee addiction and replace it with a healthier method of getting your boost to start the day.

There are also many foods available for purchase that contain spirulina like energy bars, cookies and chips. There are few other supplements that pack such a nutritional punch that are so versatile.

If you’ve been looking for a supplement packed full of nutrients that will help you get your energy boost without caffeine and can be added to almost any food, you should consider trying spirulina.

Possible Side Effects

Although there are no adverse effects are reported from healthy people who regularly take spirulina, spirulina might not be appropriate if you have the following conditions:

  • Allergic to seafood, seaweed, and sea vegetables
  • Thyroid problems
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Gout
  • Kidney stones
  • Phenylketonuria (PKU)
  • Pregnant or nursing

Possible side effects include allergic reactions, headaches, sweating, muscle pain and insomnia.  If you have one of those conditions, consult with your doctor before taking spirulina.


This amazing supplement can help provide you with a lot of your daily requirements for nutrients while also offering a boost in energy and other health benefits. I hope I’ve helped you learn a little more about this amazing, all-natural supplement and how you can integrate it into your regular diet.

For me, sprilulina has been an essential part of my keto diet journey. Because of its rich nutrients and energy supports, I can’t afford not taking it.

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and let me know your experience with a nature’s superfood, spirulina!

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  • ajibola40

    I must say this is really amazing reading all health benefits of spirulina nature super food.i must commend you for taking your time to do your findings and research to write about this supplement. This is my first time of hearing about spirulina and as it is I feel like having my  first taste of spirulina supplement

    • Stephanie Kern

      Thank you, ajibola40, for stopping by and commenting on my article. I’m glad you found it helpful and I hope you’ll give spirulina a shot because it is in deem harmless (unless you are allergic) and provide natural nutrients your body can appreciate!

  • Gracen

    Hello, I am quite familiar with avocado but not familiar with spirulina. It is interesting to know that such a plant is packed with protein nutrient. I mean the benefits are huge, especially the fact that lower fatigue level and help in building stronger immune system.

    I particularly love the fact that it has the potential of fighting against Anemia. The powder form of spirulina will be great for me considering the fact that I can easily add it in any recipe of my choice. Thanks for letting me know that something like Spirulina exist.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Gracen, thank you so much for commenting on this article. I’m glad you learned something new. I hope you’ll be try spirulina and enjoy those 14 benefits.

  • Maria Lapointe

    20 calories!!! are you kidding me? That’s amazing, besides I have high blood sugar on a daily basis, I’ve never heard of this to be honest, and I don’t trust the FDA at all also lol but this seems accurate, mental health and weight loss…. hum, it’s kinda interesting to see how many cool things this could do, I’ll have to try to make sure it’s actually accurate as the article is saying, the only thing I didn’t understand was the part of the yeast infection? How can that actually prevent that?

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Maria. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. I hope you’ll try spirulina and experience amazing benefits of it. In terms of yeast infection prevention, it is from spirulina’s detoxing power which boosts your immune system. In fact, some of anti-fungal treatments are derived from spirulina.

  • Ayodeji

    I have read about this algae being used as food supplements but this writeup really shed a magnificent light on the points I missed. Spirulina, according to researches in algology or phycology, is extremely high in many nutrients and a standard daily dose of spirulina is 1–3 grams, but doses of up to 10 grams per day have been used effectively. Great work putting this up, it really added to my research points and reference on consumable algae. 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Ayodeji. Thanks a lot for leaving a comment. I’m glad it was helpful for you and I really hope you will give this amazing superfood a try. If you every try it out, please let me know your experience with it. Thanks again!

  • Seun Afotanju

    Thanks for this amazing post,  indeed I’m surprised to see that this has alot of health benefits although this is actually the first time I’m hearing about it and no doubt could be taken for a healthy living and it’s also a good source of protein as well. but can this be taken by someone with chronic kidney disease? 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Seun. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on this topic. As I mentioned, if you have an existing health condition, you might want to consult with your doctor before taking anything you don’t take usually. Also, if you think you might be allergic to seaweed, you need to avoid spirulina.

  • Todd Matthews

    Spirulina appears to be an excellent go-to for a wide array of vitamins and minerals. For someone who isn’t a fan of greens, there is a lot to like here and the fact that you only need one tablespoon in your smoothie shows how far this product can take you. 

    I agree that there is a potential lack of quality as with any supplement, and researching what you buy beforehand and using honest products is the number one way to help drive the market into honesty while weeding out such dishonest products. Spreading the word via word of mouth is vital as well, so others know which products to take and which ones to steer clear of.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Todd. Thank you for reading my article and leaving a comment! It is in deed a perfect alternative to people who don’t eat green regularly. In fact, I feel good about supplementing my greens intake with spirulina so that I won’t have to feel guilty for not eating enough leafy vegetables.

  • Barrywesley

    From the article posted, I think spirulina is the secret of healthy life. Because seen all the benefits it’s advantages and the less disadvantages it’s probably the best. Seen that  the supplement can help provide a lot of daily requirements for nutrients while also offering a boost in energy and other health benefits. The education that I have received from this article is quite incredibly beneficial to me. I will bookmark this page for future use…… Thanks for the information 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Thank you Barrywesley for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I am a big fan of spirulina and I truly believe it is a perfect alternative to supplement essential nutrients especially for people who don’t eat enough leafy greens. I hope you’ll get to try spirulina and enjoy those health benefits!

  • Yormith96

    Hi there, it’s really lovely and wonderful to read about this nature superfood spirulina and most importantly about it’s healthy benefits to people taking it. Most people are definitely aware of superfood like avocado but this spirulina is not really a popular one, but it’s happened to be the most nutritious food on planet and can prevent memory loss which many people are battling with today. This is just amazing reading about it. 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Yormith96! Thanks for leaving a comment on my website. Spirulina’s health benefits are eye-opening but yet there are not sufficient study to conclude that it works on everyone or how long and how much to take to “cure” diseases. The best course of action now is to take it as a supplement and not as a mediation.

  • affiliate_ghost

    thanks for such a wonderful post on the amazing health benefits of spirulina as one of natures superfood. I have heard of other superfoods/fruits like avocado and dates, but this is the first time i am hearing of this. However, you research on the topic is quite amazing and i have learned alot and from reading its benefits it really is something i would consider adding to my early morning smoothies. i would prefer the powder form and thanks for the warning on double checking my source of purchase. one should be careful when taking supplements as there are so many sub standard imitations that promise much but deliver little.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, there! Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I completely agree that you need to make sure to find a quality spirulina to take as taking low quality might not be as effective as high quality ones and they could be harmful to you if you take over time.

  • Murray

    Hi Stephanie

    I thought I was up on my super foods. I look at my natural product daily regiment and I realize I have never heard of Spirulina! 

    I ask myself how is this possible? Is this a new product just released into the market? 

    The fact that it can help with allergies is of greatest interest to me. I have suffered with nasal problems since high school, about 50 years. Some natural products do give some relief but nothing I have tried on it’s own has been the holy grail.

    The price of this product is incredibly cheap! If this is half as good as you say it is I think it is the best buy on the market right now. For example, I spend about $150 a month on my healthy natural products, trying to add the nutrients that are listed in Spirulina.  

    I have to try this product, thank you for this article, I must say it was well written and very informative. 


    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, Murray.

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it. There actually nothing new about spirulina and it’s been used since 16th century as a health aid. It’s getting more attention now because of health and natural remedy boom. Since it’s been used by human being for so long, I believe it’s effective and safe for most of us. Hope you’ll try it! 

  • Taetske

    Good afternoon Stephanie,

    For sure I love healthy foods and superfoods. That is why I was interested in reading your post on Spirulina. I have heard about it but not in detail.

    I did not know it is one of the few plant-based sources of complete protein. This is important information, especially for Vegans. At my age, I soon will be 69, it is good news it would prevent memory loss.

    I will seriously think of adding Spirulina to my diet. Thank you for this helpful information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Taetske! I’m glad you liked the article. Since there is no harm (for most of people) to take spirulina, I’d say why not to try it! But don’t expect a miracle from it right away. It is not a medicine but rather a natural remedy. Thanks for visiting!

  • Rgpratap

    Good evening Kern,

    I’m a regular and assiduous reader of Health Secret Life Blog. Here I found many important things which are really helpful. As such today’s theme, this amazing supplementary nutrition component. After reading the review I learned a lot about the health benefits of Spirulina, which has been especially beneficial. Here you are beautiful and easily described various properties of Spirulina, which is like blessings for people. There is a request for writing such articles in the near future. Would you mind if, is there any side effects of Spirulina and how much is the cost of a pot of Spirulina tablet?

    With best compliments,

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Rgpratap. Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a kind comment. You made my day! Anyways, if you are allergic to seaweed or seafood, and/or have other existing health conditions, side effects can be headaches, allergic reactions, insomnia, muscle pain, sweating, etc. If you are healthy in general like me, I’d test it and see how you react to it. Hope it helps and thanks again for coming by!

  • George Anderson

    I have visited your website at: Health rules won’t type site name dot . so I’ll resubmit this

    I had just read and article on the ketogenic diet from another blogger, so I thought that there was little left to say, but I was wrong. You’re three articles were very captivating and informative. The apple cider vinegar article was something I used to do religiously, but I guess I got out of since adding more to the formula (like cumin and pepper) made me struggle with the taste. I would add some ‘splender’ to the mix to soften the blow. I saw the apple splice and thought 2 teaspoons again.

    The spirulina was new to me although, I did hear about the guy who goes into the Health Foods” store, smelling of spirulina. I cruised the article and saw your many bullets on benefits of taking it. Although it first sounded to me like ‘pond scum’ I’m seriously thinking about taking some.

    I noticed that, on looking at the amazon link, I almost lost you as the link didn’t open up in a separate page, but I had to click the back arrow to get back to the article. I had to set all my link buttons up to open independently, not replacing my page.

    Hope to read more from you,


    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, George! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving comments. I’ve been talking both apple cider vinegar and spirulina over a year now and I’m feeling great. Although I don’t have any health conditions that apple cider vinegar and spirulina can treat, but I believe I’m maintaining my overall health due to consistent consumption of them. I did although lose weight from a combination of taking apple cider vinegar and spirulina on top of doing a keto diet.

      Also, thanks for noticing about the link. I was able to fix it.

  • Jamie

    Great article! I loooove spirulina. Anyone interested in this stuff should definitely check out the book Everyday Roots. It teaches you how to replace all the toxic chemicals in your life with healthy organic alternatives. Its completely changed my life and how I feel everyday! 🙂

    Keep up the great content!

    • Stephanie Kern

      Jamie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m glad you love spirulina as I’m a big fan of it too. I’m also a big fan of detoxing but I’ve never read “Everyday Roots”. I’ll definitely take a look at it! Thanks gain!

  • Wealthfather

    Great Content and Information
    Thanks for this concise and thorough article. I actually bookmarked in order to look further. Spirulina is one of the health enhancement one can ever think of. I have heard of spirulina before now but i haven’t tasted its benefit this much. This is an eye opener for me and i think ots high time I get it for my friends and family. Thanks for the live changing sensitization 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. I really appreciate it.

      I do hear lots of people surprised to learn about health benefits of spirulina. I guess it’s not that widely known superfood yet. I really hope you will get to try it and enjoy the health benefits. If you do try it, please let me know your opinion! Thanks again.

  • Lok Which

    I do take anything that has to do with my health seriously. Thanks for sharing this information post. I never knew this supplement has a lot of benefits . The benefits are really much and I’m sure if one can take this diet effectively, he will be free from health problems. From now on I will start taking spirulina, although I have heard about it but I do not know of it’s benefits.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Lok! Thanks for coming by and commenting on my post! I’m glad you learned something new. I really hope you wlll try spirulina and enjoy benefits of it. Please consistently take it to get the maximum result. Thanks again!

  • Louis

    I just recently got introduced to spirulina by a friend, and the benefits have been amazing.

    I used to suffer from fatigue problems, but since I started taking spirulina pills, I’ve seen a very noticeable increase in my energy levels. And with all these benefits you’ve listed, I now have more reasons to love spirulina.

    I didn’t know I could also get it in powdered form, and add to my smoothies. This way I can get my son to drink too, because he hates taking pills….but he will easily drink a smoothie. 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hi, Loius. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoining in spirulina’s benefits and getting more energy! Also, I love the fact your son is drinking smoothies with Spirulina! Thumbs up 🙂

  • Topazdude

    Great health related article. Sharing is caring. I must commend Stephanie for coming up with this wonderful review on Spirulina. Hearing about this wonderful natural superfood supplements for the first time, even gives me a great urge of getting sooner.
    The list of benefits to gain from spirulina are actually numerous and essential to proper sustainability of our body. Some might think that it is a bit expensive and perhaps not necessary, because I had already comparing it’s price all over the available stores. My health is worth the price of the tablets and I would never skip out on my life because of it. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Topazdude! Thank you for visiting my website and commenting on my post. I hope you will be trying spirulina (either in tablets or in powder) to enjoy health benefits of spirulina. When you shop, make sure to pick high quality spirulina because as I mentioned in the article, there are tons of companies that make low quality spirulina products for profits. Thanks again!

  • Fahim Shahriar

    This is such a useful article. We don’t have Spirulina in our country. Thank you for mentioning these 15 amazing benefits of Spirulina which contains various nutrients. But it might be available as pill form in the shop. Yes, this article definitely helped me a lot to learn about this amazing natural supplement. I will definitely try this if I can find it in the shop. Thanks again for the article. 

    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Fahim. Thanks for visiting my article and leaving a comment. I hope you’ll be trying either pill form or powder as it’s a full of health benefits and it’s too sad to miss out! Please let me know how you think of it if you get to try it and start seeing a difference in your overall health.

      Thanks again!

  • Robert J Warneck

    This truly sounds like a great alternative to cutting down on my coffee intake.  I like the idea that they have it in pill form and that there are 720 pills in a bottle.  You said you take the pill form at lunch time, is it better to take it then, rather than in the morning?  Also do you only need to take one pill a day.  So you suggest using both the powder form and the pill? O r if you take the pill, it will give the same amount of benefits as the powder?  I was taking a vegetable and pure fruit supplement at one time in powder form and it made the smoothies and other juices or water taste awful, how do the smoothies or other taste after adding the powder form of Spirulina.  I have bookmarked you, because I can not get both powder and pills, so wanted to know what would be more beneficial for me.  I have also re-tweeted this article because I believe it can benefit others.

    Thank You for writing this article


    • Stephanie Kern

      Hello, Robert.

      Thanks so much for commenting on my article and bookmarking me! 

      I take the pill form right after lunch because I tend to eat largest meal at lunch and when I take any supplements with smaller meal or without food, I tend to feel sick (probably from certain kind of nutrients). I believe food helps absorb nutrition from the pills. In terms of choosing between power and pill forms, I based my decision on convenience. I can not possibly take powder form with just water due to its unique smell so the pill form is easier for me. I believe either form will provide benefits if taken consistently.

      Thank you again for visiting my website! Have a wonderful weekend!



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